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Are you worried that your teen might be using drugs or alcohol problematically or to excess? Has your child experienced school or legal issues related to substance use? Have you found worrisome items hidden in a child’s room or car? Have you noticed medications, valuables, or money missing? Has your child returned home drunk or high? Have you received phone calls from other parents expressing concerns about your child’s use of alcohol or other drugs?

Recovery starts right now!
The road to recovery begins as soon as you make the call to ASAP!

What to expect during intake.

During the intake call an intake specialist will :

  • Gather information about your situation
  • Provide information to you about the ASAP assessment process and programs
  • Gather your basic demographic and contact information
  • Offer to check your insurance benefits.  We are typically able to determine eligibility within the same business day. We also will determine how much of your deductible and out-of-pocket costs have been met.  In doing so, we hope to provide you with accurate information to determine any costs associated with treatment.  After calling your insurance, an intake specialist will call you back to discuss the information they received.

Assessments are typically scheduled within 72 hours of your call.

After the assessment, you will be able to begin treatment with a full understanding of the estimated costs (provided by your insurance company) for services.

You may never make a more important phone call than the one that ends your child’s substance use problems.  We are experts in the field who stand ready to support you and your child through this difficult process.  Call ASAP today, to get the process started.




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