Does My Child Need Help?

Parents are often unsure about whether their child needs help for a drug and alcohol issue.

One indication of substance use disorder is your teenager’s behaviors. Parents often see troubling behaviors like being secretive, sneaking out, changing friends. They wonder if your child needs help with alcohol or other drugs, or if these are “just normal teen problems.”

Take this test to see if your child might benefit from ASAP treatment programs.  Please complete all questions, or answer no to any questions that are not applicable.

If you have any questions about our programming or the questions found found below, please give us a call at 513.792.1272 or contact us through our website.

Self Test for Parents: Find out if your child needs help

Has your child ever drank alcohol, smoked marijuana or used other drugs that were not prescribed to them?
Have you ever wondered if your child has a problem with alcohol or drug use?
Has your child ever been in trouble with school or with the court system related to substance use?
Have your teen's grades gotten worse recently?
Has anyone ever expressed concerns about your child related to alcohol/drug use?
Has your child ever missed school or been tardy due to drinking, getting high, or being hung over?
Has your child recently changed their friend group or remain secretive and protective about who they hang out with?
Does your teen give reasons or excuses when you ask why he or she drinks/uses drugs?
Have you ever found alcohol, marijuana, pills or paraphernalia (e.g., bongs, bowls, lighters, rolling papers) in your teen's car, on their person, or in your home?
Have you recently felt concerns about your child, even if you aren't sure its alcohol/drug related?
Has your child ever gotten high or drunk alcohol before school or work?
Has your child ever lied about alcohol/drug use?
Have you ever seen your teen's text messages or social media posts asking friends what happened the night before?
Has your child ever taken your money or sold possessions to buy drugs or alcohol?
Has your child ever driven home when you knew or suspected he or she had used drugs or drank alcohol?


  • “ASAP was a gift for our family. It was an experience of learning, growth, healing, and support for all of us. Thank you for everything.”

    – Parent of Erica, 18

  • “I think this program really helped my son and our family.”

    – Parent of Alexander, 14

  • “We have been extremely happy with the level of care Chandler has received. It has been very helpful for him and for us as parents.”

    – Parents of Chandler, 17




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