Teen Drug and Alcohol Assessments


ASAP offers comprehensive teen drug and alcohol assessments performed by clinicians with specialized training.

ASAP works with families, schools, courts, physicians, and other mental health providers when there are concerns about a teen using drugs or alcohol.  Teen drug and alcohol assessments take approximately 2 hours, are available most days during the week, and involve the teen and at least one parent/guardian.

ASAP professionals meet individually with teen and parents to get a more thorough perspective on the issues you have been facing.  Parents are encouraged to provide information about family history, their child’s development, awareness of substance use patterns, and provide details about past efforts to curtail their child’s use.  Teens are encouraged to share about their family life, alcohol and other drug use history, school/work performance, and their social life.

Evidence-based assessment helps us provide accurate, appropriate, and effective treatment recommendations.

All assessments also include administration of the Substance Abuse Subtle Screen Inventory (SASSI-A2), a scientifically validated assessment test that helps our assessment professionals  determine problem severity and your teen’s level of honesty.  Upon completion of the assessment, you will leave our office with a level of care recommendation, and have clear direction as to the next steps to helping your child.

We know that particularly at the outset of treatment, many teens are not sure if treatment will be helpful for them.  Our clinical staff is ready to provide you with strategies for getting your child to the assessment and to engage in treatment once a recommendation has been made.




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