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ASAP offers a range of outpatient services to meet the needs of substance using teens.

ASAP provides specialized treatment for teens who are abusing substances. Our treatment programs are built on evidence-based practices that ensure effective care for your child. Adhering to the continuum of care at ASAP maximizes your teen’s likelihood for success in our treatment programs.

ASAP treatment programs include:

The TRIP, CHOICES, and Continuing Care treatment programs use a rolling entry model, encouraging more experienced group members to provide positive examples of recovery for those just beginning the process. Group models allow teens to provide direct feedback to each other while a trained professional guides group discussions. All programs emphasize parental involvement, as research indicates the most effective treatment addresses family issues that often accompany substance use problems.

ASAP Treatment Programs

CHOICES Pre-Treatment Education

The CHOICES pre-treatment education program is designed for teens who have infrequently experimented with substances.  CHOICES provides accurate information about about the risks associated with substance use and the rewards of a sober lifestyle.  Time is spent helping teens make choices that reflect their personal values and goals for the future.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is typically used as step-down treatment from higher levels of care.  Individual sessions help teen’s to manage emotional or behavioral issues that often occur alongside substance use.  To benefit from individual therapy, an adolescent needs willingness to focus on changing people, places, and things that might interfere with sobriety and positive mental health.

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TRIP Intensive Outpatient Program

The TRIP Intensive Outpatient Program was developed to meet the needs of the substance using teenager.  Created in accordance with ASAM treatment guidelines and evidence-based interventions, teens spend time in treatment groups working to identify the scope of their use, how it has become problematic, and how to establish a life in recovery.

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Continuing Care

The ASAP Continuing Care program is a weekly outpatient group that helps teens move from active treatment back into their home routine. Teens who have graduated from TRIP are welcome to attend.  The Continuing Care program also supports continued family involvement as parents/siblings are invited to participate in our once-a-month family sessions.

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  • “You were able to speak truth into our son's life at a time when he could not hear me, and you all provided him with the tools to choose to be drug free. Thank you, you helped us to understand that recovery is for the whole family and not just the addict.”

    – Parents of Evan, 17

  • “I was very impressed with ASAP and the impact it had on my daughter. Also the rapport between the staff and the kids and also the parents was awesome.”

    – Parent of Celina, 14

  • “I love you ALL! :) You were AWESOME! :)”

    – Karen, 14




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