ASAP is Cincinnati’s premiere outpatient treatment center for teenagers and their families struggling with substance use.

Support Groups

ASAP encourages teens to expand their sober support network by attending outside meetings.

Mutual support groups (also known as self-help groups) are an important part of becoming abstinent from alcohol and other drugs not only for people who are in recovery, but also for family members. Attending groups helps build life long recovery through learning new skills and strategies, as well as developing relationships with others in the recovery community who are committed to sober living.

ASAP holds on site support groups.

ASAP provides space for these meetings at our facility:

  • Tuesday 7:00 PM Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Nar-Anon (simultaneous but separate meetings)
  • Thursday 7:00 PM Smart Recovery and Smart Friends and Family (simultaneous but separate meetings)

In addition, participants in the TRIP program participate in a weekly Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting during their treatment hours.

Teens in the TRIP program are required to attend outside support group meetings to complete the program.

Teens are most likely to benefit from meeting attendance if there are other young people participating.  For a full listing of support group meetings, see websites for NA, AA, SMART Recovery, and Celebrate Recovery.  Additionally, the following meetings have been identified to ASAP as being led by young people or being popular with young people: