ASAP is Cincinnati’s premiere outpatient treatment center for teenagers and their families struggling with substance use.


ASAP treatment recommendations are based on national standards, ensuring appropriate and effective care.

At the end of your assessment, you will receive recommendations. Some teens require no treatment, some are recommended for our CHOICES or TRIP programs, and others are given referrals to outpatient mental health providers or inpatient/residential facilities.

ASAP respects parents’ autonomy in making treatment decisions for their teens. We also appreciate that adolescents are often resistant to treatment. Our staff helps parents get their teens into treatment by empowering the parent in ways they may not have recently experienced.

If the recommendation is to enter an ASAP program, there is no wait list. You can begin our  CHOICES or TRIP groups, at the next scheduled session. For children who need a different level of care, we can be an advocate for placement in a residential/in-patient program or ensure you have access to a mental health provider.

American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM) Criteria

When making our recommendations, we recognize that every teen and family is facing a unique situation, and your experience helps shape our clinicians’ individualized recommendations.  We utilize the ASAM criteria in making that recommendation, taking into account the differences between adolescents and the adults the criteria is based upon.  The following graphic illustrates the ASAM continuum of care, from least (top of graphic) to most (bottom of graphic) intensive recommendations.