Guide for Parents


A guide for parents on assessment and treatment.

Parents seeking assessment or treatment for their teens often have questions about the process. This guide for parents includes information that parents have told us helped them to make a treatment decision.

Before bringing their teen for an assessment, parents often feel:

  • Surprised
  • Confused
  • Fearful
  • Hopeless
  • Overwhelmed
  • Alone
  • All or any combination of these emotions

Step 1: Call ASAP to Get Started

  • Our intake specialists will collect the pertinent information, including insurance information, and schedule your teen for an assessment appointment with a member of our clinical staff.
  • We will check your insurance benefits, and then call you back to discuss the quoted benefits available to your family for all levels of treatment offered at ASAP.
  • With your permission, you will receive an email from ASAP confirming your teen’s appointment and detailing important information about what to expect at the assessment.

Step 2: Attend a Formal Assessment

  • Please plan one and a half to two hours for your teen’s assessment.
  • Pre-assessment registration form is available to download here.  Please take the time to fill this paperwork out before you arrive so you can focus on your teen while you are at their assessment.
  • A parent or guardian is required to attend the assessment.  This is another way to encourage familial involvement in the recovery process.  Parents or guardians will fill out a Parent Assessment during the assessment that will cover family history as well as specific information about your teen.  We use the parental view of a teen’s use as one component in making a recommendation at the assessment.
  • Recommendations will be made at the end of your assessment.

Remember, ASAP is a partner, working to assist you in helping your child.

Step 3: Make a treatment decision

ASAP is committed to providing you and your teen with the most comprehensive evaluation available. At the conclusion of the ASAP assessment, your counselor will invite you to describe how you plan to follow through with the recommendations made for you and your child.  If the recommendation is for a service that ASAP does not provide (like in-patient hospitalization or detox), we are happy to help you find the appropriate doctor or facility to get your teen on the way to a healthy, sober life.

Step 4: Talk to your teen about treatment

We understand that this is a confusing and scary time for many families. Parents have told our staff that they have limited knowledge about the dangerous interaction between marijuana, alcohol, and social media on adolescents. Some have worried that they aren’t able to appropriately guide the discussions they have with their teens because their teen uses pro-use “research” in the conversations. We hope that by providing you with the following information, you will feel more informed and better able to guide your child through this difficult time.

ASAP can help you and your family get back what was lost.

ASAP is the only treatment facility in the region that focuses solely on adolescents. We utilize ASAM guidelines for best treatment of adolescents with substance use disorders.

Key points to remember if  the TRIP Program is recommended for your teen:

  • ASAP has multiple treatment professionals who will be engaged in your child’s treatment
  • ASAP offers gender-specific treatment groups
  • We host on-site mutual support groups (NA, Nar-Anon, SMART Recovery, and SMART Friends and Family)
  • Access to direct, individual treatment with doctoral-level staff
  • The potential for comprehensive evaluation with a psychiatrist
  • Choice of a weekend or weekday IOP schedule
  • Minimal disruption to your family schedule
  • Family Medical Leave forms are completed at no charge to accommodate family needs.

Your child may be focused on maintaining drug or alcohol use and a current ‘lifestyle,’ regardless of the consequences. S/he may believe that there is no problem except you or other authority figures. Teenagers often struggle to accept help or to make changes that are consistent with their long-term goals.   It has been the experience of the ASAP team that even the most angry, resentful, and resistant teens make significant strides during and after treatment, even when it takes longer than many parents wish.  It is our hope that your child will ultimately recognize the sacrifice, commitment, and resolve you exhibit by providing the needed care, support and unwavering commitment to their health.

You know your child better than anyone and have the right and responsibility to lead your family. It is not your responsibility to follow a child’s wishes.  Substance use, when it reaches the level of repeated abuse, is an illness. It is similar to diabetes or obesity, which affect teens and families in many destabilizing ways.  ASAP can help restore health to your child and your family through the development and renewal of positive and practical behaviors.

Remember that your child depends on you (regardless of their age), and they are relying on your best judgment.


  • “This program was just what our son needed. It provided a safe place for him to share details about his drug use with others who understood what he was going through.”

    – Parent of Sean, 15

  • “So very thankful for the care and support and education ASAP has provided for me and [my son]. I am so appreciative of [him] being able to attend ASAP. He has made so much progress, and I am excited to see where life takes him.”

    – Parent of Danny, 17

  • “I finally feel like my life is going somewhere instead of being wasted in the endless cycle of buying, selling, and consuming drugs.”

    – Danielle, 18




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