NIDA Family Check Up: Supervision

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 9:03 AM, December 3rd, 2016
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All children and teens need supervision of their activities. Supervision does not mean always being able to see your child. You can set up systems to know what is happening even when children are not with you. National Institute on Drug Abuse reports, “supervision is the centerpiece of effective parenting during childhood. When youth begin to spend more and more time away from home, monitoring their behavior and whereabouts is challenging. Supervision helps parents recognize problems, promote safety, and stay involved.”

The 4 Cs of supervision can help you address these issues:

The 4Cs of supervision: Clear Rules, Communication, Checking Up, and Consistency

How do you supervise when you are not at home?

  • Know your child’s schedule.
  • Call your child at varying times.
  • Have your child check in with you or other caregivers when he or she reaches home or another destination.
  • Surprise your child with a random call or visit.
  • Remain in communication with adults who interact with your child.
  • Know the parents of your child’s friends, and make sure they are also supervising.
  • Stay involved at school and other activities. Show up.
  • Spend time listening to your child. Find out what is really going on.

 Supervision helps parents recognize problems, promote safety, and stay involved.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse compiled a booklet of positive parenting techniques that help prevent or reduce drug abuse.

The other techniques were:



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