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How to use a Home Drug Test

A home drug test can help you determine if your child is using alcohol or other drugs. They have become readily available at drug stores, and our clients can also obtain them through ASAP. These tests can let you know if there is the presence of alcohol or other drugs in someone’s system. On the other hand, these tests will not usually let you know the amount of drugs (if any) that are present in an adolescent’s system.

Drug tests are not an alternative for a recovery process. They can be helpful when they are used appropriately.

Suggestions for using a Home Drug Test

  • Use drug tests only when you suspect use.
  • Drug tests should be used as a part of a comprehensive recovery strategy.
  • Different drug tests will test for different types and numbers of substances. Be aware of this when you choose a product.
  • Home drug tests can be especially useful when a teen arrives home after an evening with friends.
  • Teens can use home drug testing as a reason to abstain.

How not to use a Home Drug Test

  • Don’t use a drug test as a threat. Have a test available so you can follow through.
  • Don’t wait until it is too late. Drug tests are most useful early in drug use or as an adjunct to treatment.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from your pharmacist when choosing your drug test. Different drug screens will be able to find various drugs. Make sure you get what you are looking for.