ASAP is Cincinnati’s premiere outpatient treatment center for teenagers and their families struggling with substance use.

TRIP Intensive Outpatient Program

ASAP offers the TRIP program, an intensive outpatient treatment for teens struggling with substance use problems.

TRIP (Total Recovery In Progress) is an intensive outpatient treatment program designed for teens and their families when substance use has begun to interfere with their lives.  Intensive outpatient programs are a standard of care established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine and are a common recommendation for people struggling with substance use problems.  High-quality intensive outpatient is intense, effective, and reduce costs associated with treatments.  Recovery takes more than just abstinence from use: it’s a process of rebuilding.  The TRIP program utilizes a range of interventions to help teens achieve these goals.

Research has shown that teens in intensive outpatient have the best likelihood for recovery as they:

  1. Attend group treatment that incorporates research-based best practices.
  2. Activate family support system.
  3. Build knowledge of and join the recovery community.

The TRIP program is built upon these research findings by working to engage teens across these three critical areas.

TRIP is covered by most insurance companies. Since coverage varies widely by specific plans, we can call and get an estimate of your benefits during the intake process.  If you have more specific questions about the TRIP program, please feel free to call us and we’d be happy to answer any of your questions.

TRIP Schedule

The TRIP program meets for 3 days each week for 3 hours per day.  A typical course of treatment lasts approximately 24 sessions.  The TRIP program has both a weekday and weekend track and meets on the following schedule: