Continuing Care


ASAP’s Continuing Care Program helps maintain gains made during the TRIP program.

Upon graduation from TRIP, each client and family are eligible for Continuing Care. This weekly group is semi-structured around topics that:

  • strengthen ongoing recovery
  • avoid a return to substance use
  • teach coping strategies
  • develop social skills
  • promote emotional regulation

With support from the ASAP staff, participants are encouraged to discuss issues and challenges they are facing in order to advance their recovery journey. In keeping with ASAP’s commitment to whole family healing, parents are invited to attend the first group each month with their child.

The accepting atmosphere of Continuing Care allows group members to share their personal successes and struggles. They receive support and feedback from peers and feel ongoing encouragement from the ASAP staff.

Continuing Care is 20 weeks in duration. It is recommended that each graduate of TRIP enter this next phase of treatment. Research has shown that ongoing engagement in treatment enhances the probability of continued recovery.




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