ASAP is Cincinnati’s premiere outpatient treatment center for teenagers and their families struggling with substance use.

ASAP Treatment Programs

ASAP offers a range of outpatient services to meet the needs of substance using teens.

ASAP provides specialized treatment for teens who are abusing substances. Our treatment programs are built on evidence-based practices that ensure effective care for your child. Adhering to the continuum of care at ASAP maximizes your teen’s likelihood for success in our treatment programs.

ASAP treatment programs include:

The TRIP, CHOICES, and Continuing Care treatment programs use a rolling entry model, encouraging more experienced group members to provide positive examples of recovery for those just beginning the process. Group models allow teens to provide direct feedback to each other while a trained professional guides group discussions. All programs emphasize parental involvement, as research indicates the most effective treatment addresses family issues that often accompany substance use problems.

ASAP Treatment Programs