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Adolescent Substance Abuse Programs is dedicated to providing professional, ethical, and caring outpatient treatment for substance abuse in a family centered environment. Our cutting edge, abstinence based programs are diverse, following the best practices available. ASAP's skilled staff is committed to competently treating adolescents and their families with compassion and personalized attention, making ASAP Cincinnati the premier adolescent treatment center in the area.

Our single focus is adolescent addiction and dependency and this makes us unique. For other providers, adolescent treatment is only a part of what they do. For ASAP, it is ALL that we do. Whether your child needs an assessment, treatment, coordination of care and/or a referral ASAP can help. If we can be of assistance, please call us at 513-792-1272.

I never admitted to anyone how bad it had gotten until I came clean to myself and others.

Rachel, 16

Recovery Begins ASAP

Parenting a teenager is a tough job, and substance abuse makes it nearly impossible. As parents, we want to keep our children safe. This involves influencing their environment.

ASAP identifies problems.

We know that adolescence is a critical time filled with opportunities and consequences. When your child's behavior creates difficulties ASAP is there.

ASAP provides help.

Decisions about alcohol and drugs can influence a person's life forever. ASAP can empower you and your child to overcome road blocks, and successfully navigate this period in his/her life.

ASAP restores hope.